Google Search Quality: Polls on Search Result Pages

Google Search Result Satisfaction Poll

As I was doing a search on Google today, I noticed something new. A user response poll appeared at the bottom right side of the SERP, asking me for my satisfaction level with the search results.   This is interesting, since we know that Google uses a variety of metrics to evaluate search quality, … [Read more...]

Basic SEO Guide for Beginners: How to Start Getting Website Visitors

Someone recently asked me about how to start doing SEO for his website, a small local business that he recently started. I decided to turn this into a blog post since I spent so much time on the reply. --- The 2 main aspects of SEO are on-site and off-site. Focusing on these would be a great … [Read more...]

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns – The Effects of This New Change

AdWords Enhanced campaigns are here to stay, replacing the Legacy campaigns for all advertisers before the end of this month. Someone recently asked me for my opinion on Enhanced campaigns and their affects on mobile ad spend for advertisers. I thought that would be a good topic for a blog post. … [Read more...]

AdWords Loophole Using Google Plus Local (Google Places) Destination URL

The other day I was doing some competitive research and I spotted an interesting thing - 2 ads with identical Display URLs on the same SERP. How could that be? This is actually kind of clever. Because AdWords lets us put anything we want in the Display URL, as long as the root domain matches the … [Read more...]

How Dex Does AdWords PPC Campaigns for Plumbers

AdWords Plumbing Ads

So, today I happened to search for a "pump" phrase and saw something surprising in the paid results: These ads look oddly similar, don't they? In fact, they're almost identical. They're clearly all coming from the same advertiser. A look at the sidebar ads shows an even more alarming … [Read more...]

Google’s Penguin and Ranking Payday Loans with Hacked Backlinks

Payday Loans SERP

Everyone in the field of online marketing, and beyond, has heard of the latest update from Google, codenamed Penguin. This isn't actually an algorithm update but rather a filter that will be run occasionally. When it was introduced last month, it caused chaos in the SERPs and that chaos has still … [Read more...]

Use AdWords Extensions for Better Campaign Performance!

I recently read a case study over at Ad Hustler in which he showed the results of a campaign in which he used the Call Extensions for local lead gen. The top comment in that post was from someone who says he never even thought of using extensions until he read that post. This is something I see … [Read more...]

A Gift From Google Engage for Agencies (and another Google mistake)

Google Engage for Agencies Gift

Today I received an unexpected gift. The FedEx guy came to my door and informed me that he has been trying to deliver this package to me for 2 days. I wasn't expecting a package and was surprised to see that it had come from Google. Inside, I found some interesting things. Over the past couple … [Read more...]

New AdWords Ad Extensions – Mailing List Signup

AdWords Extension Variety

I was doing a search on Google today and saw that the top ad had a mailing list signup directly within the ad, pre-populated with the email address associated with the Google account I was logged into. This is something I hadn't seen before, and I'm curious about how this will affect engagement. … [Read more...]

Yahoo Site Explorer is Closing Down

Yahoo Site Explorer Closing Down

In a huge blow to the SEO community, Yahoo has announced that it's closing down Site Explorer on November 21. We had known this was coming ever since the Yahoo / Bing merger was announced, but we didn't know the date until now. YSE has been an invaluable tool for our community for years, with no … [Read more...]