Use AdWords Extensions for Better Campaign Performance!

I recently read a case study over at Ad Hustler in which he showed the results of a campaign in which he used the Call Extensions for local lead gen.

The top comment in that post was from someone who says he never even thought of using extensions until he read that post. This is something I see quite often when I look at competing ads in the SERPs. Whenever I run campaigns, I always try to use extensions when possible. There’s just no reason not to. But the majority of advertisers don’t seem to really be utilizing that feature.

For those of us who are aware of the value of ad extensions, we have a nice advantage over those who don’t use them. Not only do we get extra space in our ads that pushes down competing ads, we get the trust factor of showing a phone number or even a location, depending on the extension being used. And to add to that, we get phone calls from free impressions!

Let’s talk about that for a few moments. When you show a phone number in your ad, whether you’re using a Call Extension or pulling info from your Places listing, you’re giving the user an opportunity to convert into a lead without even clicking the ad. And as Ad Hustler showed, his campaign generated 60 calls from 4,970 impressions. That’s a conversion rate of over 1% – pretty nice for not having to pay for the clicks. Of course, you do have to pay for the calls if you’re using the Call Extension, but if you’re displaying a phone number from a Places extension, it’s free.

If you’re running AdWords campaigns for clients or for yourself, make sure you get familiar with the different types of extensions you could use. There are more types than I discussed in this short post, and using them gives you the potential to raise your conversion rates significantly.

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