Using Multiple Domains to Dominate AdWords

This is going to be a quick post. This practice is definitely not allowed by Google but here’s evidence that people still get away with it: Make websites on multiple domains (the sites could be near-identical), make separate AdWords accounts for each domain, put up ads for each domain bidding on the same terms, and you get something like this:

Multiple Ads for Same Company

Multiple Ads for Same Company

That’s a way to really raise your CTR, though if Google figures it out you’ll probably get your accounts suspended. Still, it’s clear some people still get away with it and I’m sure it’s quite profitable for them.

Takeaway lesson: Contrary to popular belief in the beginner-SEO world, Google is not God, not infallible and not omnipotent. They sometimes miss even something this obvious.

*To be fair, these might technically be different franchise owners/agents, so technically this may not be the same advertiser putting up multiple ads, but to an extent it is the same company because it’s the same parent company. Kind of a grey area there maybe.

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