Welcome to the Beginning

Welcome to the beginning of my blog.

I have been meaning to get this started for a few months now, but I’ve had a lot of other things going on and kept putting this off. From now on, I intend to post here at least once a week, but only time will tell if I’ll be able to stick to that schedule.

My purpose for this blog is to document things that I’ve been learning in the world of SEO, search marketing and the internet in general. As I don’t expect to have many readers, this is mostly for my own benefit. When we take the time to write things down, we think through our topics more deeply and consequently tend to understand and remember them better. So, I figure that writing down what I’m learning about and other news/updates in the SEO & online marketing world, I will come to understand and remember these things better. And of course, understand and remembering things better will make me a more knowledgeable person and a more effective SEO / marketer.

So, let’s begin…

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