Google Analytics Social Plugin

An interesting feature has been announced by the Google Analytics team. The tracking script can now track social media integration through Google’s +1 button, Twitter and Facebook. It does require an update to the tracking code, though, so we won’t see this in our Analytics reports by default unless we’re using the +1 button on our sites. For everything else, we need to add the _trackSocial method to our tracking script.

Check out Google’s blog post on this new feature.

How does this affect SEO? Every tool that helps us keep track of visitor engagement gives us an insight into how users behave on our websites, how they find our websites and, in this case, how they interact socially as a result of visiting our websites. These insights can be invaluable in certain situations. As SEO professionals who recognize that these days “SEO” goes far beyond SEO, we need to stay current on the changing trends of both users and tracking tools available to us.

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