Google Places Has Finally Gone Crazy

Google Places - No Such State

Yesterday I was claiming a listing on Google Places and got this error: Really Google? There's no Georgia in the U.S.? I tried other states, I tried cancelling and re-claiming, etc. Nothing worked. Eventually I gave up and when I went back to my Google Places dashboard I had this listing … [Read more...]

Google Places Reviews Now Separated by Source

Google Places Reviews

Today I noticed an interesting change to the way reviews are displayed in Google Places. They used to all be in the same section on the page, regardless of source. So reviews that were left directly on Google were displayed together with those that were pulled in from other trusted sites like … [Read more...]

Google Buys Quicksee

Google has purchased Quicksee for $10 million. We can expect that there will soon be video walkthroughs of local businesses integrated into Google Places and Google Maps. This will be a great feature for researching local businesses and other locations. Google has already been sending photographers … [Read more...]

Google Instant: A New Search Feature

Google Instant Search

Google has introduced Instant Search. I was just typing in a search query as usual and suddenly the search result page started changing - updating as I typed! This will be very familiar to anyone who has used Google Desktop Search or the Windows Search in newer versions of Windows, or even the … [Read more...]

Business Owners Can Respond to Reviews in Google Places

Google Places Review Reply

This is month-old news by now but I hadn't gotten around to writing about it yet and it's fairly important. Google Places now lets business listing owners reply to reviews on their listing directly within the listing. This is important because previously there was no such functionality. As a … [Read more...]

Still Using Google AdWords External Keyword Tool?

Most SEOs and internet marketers will tell you that they rely heavily on the Google AdWords External Keyword Tool for keyword research. It's commonly used for choosing domain names, page titles, in-content keywords, domain selling and so on. However, what most people don't realize is that the … [Read more...]

Using Multiple Domains to Dominate AdWords

Multiple Ads for Same Company

This is going to be a quick post. This practice is definitely not allowed by Google but here's evidence that people still get away with it: Make websites on multiple domains (the sites could be near-identical), make separate AdWords accounts for each domain, put up ads for each domain bidding on the … [Read more...]

Google Sells Out

Google Sells Out

I suppose we all knew this would happen eventually,  so it's no big surprise that the Big Google Sellout of 2010, as I will now call it from now on, has begun. What am I talking about, you ask? Allow me to direct your attention to this screenshot: Please take a good look at that search … [Read more...]

Google Places Allows Editing of Rejected Ads

Google Places - Alerts

With the transition from Google Maps (aka Google Local) to Google Places, we saw a few changes in the way business listings are presented and administrated. Some of these features include stats reporting directly on the dashboard page, the ability to define a service area for businesses that serve … [Read more...]

Different Colors for Sponsored Search Results

Sponsored Section - Peach

It looks like Google is testing out different colors for sponsored search results. I noticed this today - the sponsored section on the first SERP is a pinkish-peach color in the background, which is how it always has been. But the same section on the 2nd SERP is a blueish color. Looks like Google is … [Read more...]