SEO Glossary

I intend to update this glossary on a continuous basis. It’s still a work in progress for now…

Glossary of SEO terms

  • SERP – Search engine results page.
  • CTR – Click-through rate. Defined as [(Clicks / Impressions) * 100].
  • SEO – Search engine optimization. The discipline of optimizing a website to ensure implementation of key factors sought by search engines when determining a site’s relevance to a search query.
  • PPC – Pay-per-click. A type of online advertising in which the advertiser pays for each time the ad is clicked. Example: Google AdWords.
  • Sitelinks – Additional navigation links that appear beneath a search result’s description.
  • Backlinks – Also known as inbound links. A link to your site, appearing on another site.
  • Internal links – Links on a website that link to other pages on the same domain.

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