Google Introduces +1 Button for Pages

The +1 button was rolled out in SERPs about a month ago, so it’s relatively old news by now. But today, when I logged into my AdSense account, I had a recommendation add a code snippet to my pages that would put a +1 Button directly on the page.

Google Plus 1 Button for Pages

Google +1 Button for Pages

Sounds a lot like Facebook’s Like Button, doesn’t it? I have no doubt that the +1 Button was inspired directly by the Like Button. And I’m sure that people will be quick to give it a try. In fact, I’ll try it out here:

Google gives us a choice of button size/style and a couple more customization features for the button. This has already been added to YouTube’s video sharing options as well.

How will it affect SEO? Well, pretty much the same way as the Facebook Button but for Google. It’s a good way for the Big G to know how people react to pages, which are socially popular, etc. An alternative for the traditional backlink.

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